DISCUSSION : when 'good intentions' do more harm than good

A Talk by Stella Romana Airoldi
Founder / Project Manager, 22STARS & SocialNomads

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About this talk

Stella has a background in international law and is living full nomadic since 2012. She is living of rental income and puts her free time in working for the 22STARS Foundation; empowering families in Uganda through Local Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Education.

A quick background; Stella founded in 2013 first the social jewellery business 22STARS; selling handmade products from Uganda and using the profit to run social programs on the ground with the community.

Then in 2017 she founded the 22STARS Foundation which is a Public Benefit Institution and has a donation based model (tax deductible) which enabled the organization to grow. 22STARS sends now more than 400 kids to school long-term, has a mirco loan program with their parents, an eye and health care program, a nutrition program and after school program for the children.

In 2016 Stella founded Social Nomads to share her knowledge and passion about Uganda with other Digital Nomads and let them learn from the 22STARS community on the ground. Stella runs Social Impact Workations for Digital Nomads (and also Social Impact Trips for German speakers with her friend Stefanie Oeffner) about 2 to 4 times a year. So far she has organised 16 workations/trips and welcomed more than 80 people to Uganda.

In this discussion, we will talk about when your good intentions are not good enough.

¥ What type of pictures should you use on social media?

¥ What type of stories should you write?

¥ Should you focus on a specific cause or community?

¥ How to interact with local communities in a foreign country?

Who is this for: everyone who wants to run a social business /foundation without borders or wants to travel in more ethical ways.

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